What runs through your mind at the mention of quality care for children?

25th anniversary Gala dinner!

SOS Children’s Villages celebrates 25 years of existence in Swaziland this year. The organisation is a Member Association of 135 SOS Children’s Villages internationally. It was officially opened in 1991 in Swaziland and on November 19 will commemorate 25 years of existence.

Every child needs a loving family to grow in…

Quality Care

The SOS Village is a community of loving, stable families where children who are at risk of losing parental care and those without parental care are given the opportunity to grow up in a caring and secure family environment and form lasting relationships.

It Takes Campaign

Launched in 2014, the It Takes Campaign is a five-year initiative that has the goal of strengthening the overall sustainability, quality, and reach of childcare interventions. The project engages communities, NGOs and community based organizations and the local government to come together.


to call ``Home``






& Sisters


& mentoring

Moments of

happy childhood

SOS Children’s Villages Swaziland cares and supports for over 3 000 children!