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Children’s rights are laid out in international, regional and national frameworks that establish fundamental rights each child has. Eswatini is a signatory to most the international and regional child’ rights instruments. We work with states and partners to help ensure that children who have lost parental care or risk losing it are protected, cared for and supported, ensuring that their rights are recognised and respected.​

We are committed to safeguarding the rights of all children. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, and international frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals are the foundations of our programme and advocacy work.


Advocacy is critical to the work of SOS CV and this commitment is further strengthened in the organization’s vision 2030 strategy where advocacy stands alone as a core pillar. In an era of ever diminishing aid, advocacy presents SOS with an opportunity for the sustainability of the change we want to see, with greater emphasis placed on policy reforms. The organization has undertaken various advocacy initiatives both international and national levels. These initiatives have served to develop the capacity of the organization to advocate for the issues that are pertinent to the full enjoyment of rights by children in our target group. Further, through these initiatives, the organization continues to witness improvements of policies and legislations in the implementing countries.

The Advocacy function continued to foster collaboration, coordination and synergies to increase child’s rights advocacy. New partnerships were established, and existing partnerships were maintained and strengthened through the continued participation a number of in child rights related networks with the advocating for an improved child’s rights situation. With the aim of strengthening capacity and disseminating information, a number of workshops have been conducted for our beneficiaries, co-workers and community caregivers on Human Rights with more focus on children’s rights, Child Protection, and Gender Based Violence.

Through advocacy at national, regional and international level, decision-makers continued to be sensitised on the rights and needs of children in order to bring changes in policies and practices that will make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of children. This involvement was done through an active participation of the MA in the drafting of the State Party and Civil Society Shadow reports on the UN and Regional Mechanisms, which include the UNCRC, CEDAW and Maputo Protocol. At national level, the MA participated in the development of the National Guidelines for the Multi-Sectoral Response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Eswatini and participate in number of consultative meetings to review policies and strategies related to the rights of children.


  • We advocate for the implementation of children’s rights.
  • We inform and raise awareness about children’s rights and the challenges vulnerable children are facing.
  • We collaborate with other leading organisations and stakeholders to promote children’s rights to achieve the greatest possible impact for children.
  • We share knowledge and shape discussions about improvement and innovation of alternative care.


  • Established Partnerships- Through the Advocacy function the organisation managed to establish good working relationships with like-minded organisations nationally and internationally. SOS is a participating member organisation of the Coordinating Assembly of Non- Governmental Organisations (CANGO), which coordinates a number of Networks and Consortiums. SOS affiliates in the Children’s Consortium as a Vice Chair, Gender Consortium and the Social Protection Network. The organisation also has a good working relationship with Government Departments, where our active participation is seen within the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, which houses a number of departments that directly speaks to SOS work, and the Ministry of Education, and Training.
  • Policy Reform- The organisation also contributes in Policy Reform and Implementation. This has been achieved by our participation in the development of International Human Rights Mechanisms Reports. The organisation added value in the development of the UNCRC and ACRWC State Party Report and the Civil Society Shadow Report; CEDAW State Party Report and the Civil Society Shadow Report, and other regional instruments. We participated in the advocacy work for the enactment of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill, Marriage Bill, Legal Aid Bill, Disability Bill. The development and reviewing of Sector Strategic Action Plans.
  • Strengthen Capacity and information dissemination on Human Rights and Related Legislations and Policies- Through this function the organisation has managed to strengthen Capacity of Co-workers and member of the communities in our target areas by conducting Training Workshops on Human Rights with more focus on the rights of the children.
  • Recognising the International Commemorations- The advocacy function ensures that every year the organisation effectively participates in the commemoration of the International Women’s Day, Day of the African Child, Day of the Girl Child, 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children Abuse.

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