Family Strengthening

We live in a world where many children have been deprived of their right to a caring family environment. All too often, these children have nowhere to find the protection, care and support required for their healthy development. In finding ways to address the situation of those children who are at risk of losing the care of their biological family, the Family Strengthening Programmes were developed. Through these programmes we aim to prevent children from losing the care of their family. To build a society where all children can enjoy a caring family environment we join hands with individuals, families, communities, local authorities and other partners. To do so, we follow a developmental approach which goes beyond the provision of essential services, but recognises the potential of children, their families and communities to lead their own self-reliant development. In our Family Strengthening work, we empower families and communities to protect and care for their children, using a step-by-step family development planning process. Oftentimes families we work with are single parent households, those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, or face serious financial disadvantages. SOS Children’s Villages Swaziland operates the Family Strengthening Programme in 15 areas around the country.

“A global welfare network like SOS Children’s Villages can only remain alive and dynamic if a continuous effort is made to respond to changing conditions in the society involved and to accept new challenges in the interest of the welfare of the children. With this ongoing process of adaptation to the various social realities of the world, the work of SOS Children’s Villages will continue to lead to targeted developments in the facilities and services offered.”

– Hermann Gmeiner, founder of SOS Children’s Villages –

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