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EIDHR (European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights)


Instil a human rights culture in the Swazi society by working towards the empowerment of women and children through education and awareness and protecting their security legal intervention.


  • More women, girls and vulnerable children will be better informed and sensitized on their roles in human rights and participation in national developments
  • The targeted group will assert their rights
  • Reduced violation of human rights
  • Improved socio-cultural practices in the communities embracing human rights


  • Conducted human rights dialogues using two different platforms
    • Community leadership dialogues
    • Religious leadership dialogue
      • Use of role-plays
  • Community intergenerational dialogues
    • Use of question guiders
      • What are human rights?
      • How have they been violated?
      • What can be done?
  • Human Rights Approach Trainings and workshops
    • Human Rights – A deepening understanding of the bill of rights.
    • An introduction to gender equality and non-discrimination
    • Debate on women in leadership
    • Introduction to family law
    • Gender based violence
    • Human trafficking* (just an introduction, expansion is proposed and will be presented by appropriate partners).
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Maintenance
    • Inheritance
  • Raising awareness on Environmental Issues affecting Women and Children
  • Human Rights Approach to Development Training for Staff - (i) Human Rights-based programming (HRBP). What it is and why it is necessary? (ii) Mainstreaming Human Rights in Policies and Programme. (iii) Situational Assessment & Analysis (iv) Defining capacity development strategies & Indicator settings (v) Analysis of case studies (vi) Departmental Analysis (vii) Group analysis and feedback (drafting).
  • CBO Skills Data Bank Formulation - To formulate a data bank for CBOs for future monitoring and financial assistance as stipulated in the EU Project Logical Framework. The exercise will result in the needs of CBOs, FBOs assistance analyzed, and tailor made to suit their individual needs.

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