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A big milestone for the foster care programme

The 29th July 2022 marked a big milestone for the foster care programme, as it successfully placed a child into the hands of a capable and loving family, who desired to provide a loving home for the child. This event came after a whole year of waiting for the Ntjangase family, who had been recommended by the foster care placement committee to foster. There were challenges in getting children to be matched with potential foster parents. Although, this is not to say that there are no vulnerable children in the country, however, most vulnerable children had already been placed in other alternative care settings. The Department of Social welfare in partnership with SOS children’s villages had to mitigate the challenges by developing guidelines for emergency placement, so that children are placed in suitable and necessary care settings, hence the success of a child being placed with the right family. The Ntjangase family were very excited to receive the child, who matched their preferred requirements.

The national foster care programme was officially launched March 2021, and saw over 30 potential foster parents applications. The Ntjangase family was among the applicants, who were interested to help raise a child who needed a family. “My wife and I decided to apply for the programme as we have do not have a child yet, also so that we can provide a home for a child who does not have a home and a family. We also believe that we can be capable to provide for the child with the resources that God has blessed us with. We are blessed, not for our own, but to be a blessing to others. I would sincerely encourage others to join the programme and help provide a loving home for a child in need”, said Mr. Ntjangase.

The National foster care programme continues to welcome applications of EmaSwati who are willing to become foster parents and provide a warm and loving home for a child in need.

To apply visit; www.

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