SOS Children's Villages Eswatini

Handcraft puts food on my table

Make Dlamini a single parent caregiver of two young boys, who lives in the Siphocosini inkhundla, makes a living through hand crafts and sustenance farming of a vegetables garden. Mrs Dlamini had the land and water as available resources when she lobbied to SOS for support of seedlings to be able to grow a garden for her family consumption and to make a living by selling the surplus. Mrs Dlamini weaves baskets and sells them to the local and neighbouring countries to support her family. SOS Children’s Villages under the Family strengthening programme in Mbabane has assisted Mrs. Dlamini with money management skills and financial literacy as well as household management skills for her to be able to manage and provide for her household needs.

SOS Children’s villages ensures that many more children do not go to bed hungry by supporting their families to keep healthy vegetable gardens. The organisation ensures that families provide adequate nutrition to their children and support their development.

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A chronicle of the triumphs and success stories of SOS Children's Villages interventions in Eswatini.

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