SOS Children's Villages Eswatini

Medical Care

Health needs of our target group are taken care of through collaborating with Government and other partners for clinical and health education services. Currently Two (2) health facilities are running both in Nhlangano and Siteki Villages. A health and Education assessment was conducted 2017 to examine whether SOS Children’s Villages is best placed to run its health and education facilities or they should be handed over to Government or other best placed service providers. The result was the immediate closure of the Mbabane Medical Centre in December 2017.

They are not only servicing our target group but communities around their vicinities. The targeted beneficiaries includes child participants of alternative care and family strengthening, caregivers, others from the community. The services delivered in our two health facilities includes medical counselling, treatment, health promotion and prevention, out-patient treatment/care, ccounselling and support programmes focussed at a particular health issue, in areas such as life planning, reproductive/maternal health planning and hygiene/sanitation.These Medical Centres have increased clientele within the past years.

OUR STORY BOOKD E C E M B E R 2 0 2 1 • V O L . 1

A chronicle of the triumphs and success stories of SOS Children's Villages interventions in Eswatini.

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