SOS Children's Villages Eswatini

SOS Nhlangano

A view of SOS Nhlangano Village.
The Nhlangano Programme started its operations in September 2001, with only five family house. The other houses were opened later and by January 2002, the village was operating at full capacity of 100 children in ten family houses. The King’s Representative officially opened the village on 27 September 2002.
Presently the Programme has ninety-two children in twelve family houses. SOS made a decision to reduce the numbers of children in each family and concentrate more on quality. From 2006, the Programme started running youth homes, in a rented facility about three kilometres away from the SOS village. This was a great move at that time, and young people who grew up in those facilities are now living independently. Later on, SOS decided to do away with youth homes and the young people were assisted to become independent through offering them relevant skills and training
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