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The Rainbow After My Storm

Each time there is a storm I rejoice not because of the damage it does but because I surely know there is a rainbow coming through. After all I have seen it happen in my own life, after the storm of losing both my parents when I was six years old in 2001. That was the most traumatic time of my life, imagine I was only six years old and suddenly my world changed drastically for me and my siblings. I never knew how to pray much at that age, but I knew there was God somewhere who was watching us, but for most of my time I would cry and wish for my parents. Just as if that was not enough my uncle who was our guardian suddenly died too, once again we were left with no one. What a storm we were going through with my siblings. Suddenly we were taken to SOS Children’s Villages in Nhlangano. Oh the God that I knew was watching was finally showing me He was there, here I was now in a house, with a loving mother and other children. Finally, I was warm after all my cold days and nights of crying and wishing for my parents. And cherry on top was that finally I was going to school like all other children.

About me

Well do you know me now, guess what I am now a bubbly twenty-one-year old young woman who is a dreamer. I am a girl of my world, who knows what I want and will not give up on my dreams, I have grown to be a responsible and independent young person. I am an active young woman who is always playful. I like telling jokes to my friends and family. I grew up in love with sports especially athletics, I have passion for it. It helps keep my body fit and health. Being involved in sports helps me Also, sports keeps me busy rather than doing things that I will regret in life. I am a multi-talented young person, a jack of all traits, as I am a competent athlete, netball star and a master of Volleyball. I have been shining in my schools in these different categories and have been known in my circles for such games.

Life at SOS

SOS Children’s Villages has been an extremely good home to me and my siblings. There are days when I wonder what could have happened to us would it not for been for SOS Children’s Villages. They gave me the chance to grow up in a home with so much love. I once again had the opportunity to have a person I can call a mother and what a good mother I had. She taught me and all the children she was raising in our family home to take good care of ourselves, how to do things at our own even though I sometimes I had a tough time when my mother would tell us to do house chores or ask me to do something but it is only now that I realize what a naughty child I would become sometimes and how patient, loving and caring she was. I sometimes thank God for the patience and wisdom that she gives SOS Mothers, because I have I have since realized how challenging raising a child can be, how much more when a mother raises ten children. These mothers indeed have a heart of gold. I am who I am now because of her together with the whole SOS Children’s Villages family, I really am grateful for you all.


After my high school education, I enrolled for a secretarial course at Ngwane Park Youth and Training Centre where I obtained a Diploma in Secretarial and Business Skills in December 2016. I love this course because as I was growing up all I wanted was to work for big successfully companies, drive a big car and be the best I could be in the world and yes my dreams came true. Today I am a proud graduate. On the day I graduated tears were just streaming down my face as I remembered the storm that I had been through after losing my parents. Who could have though that this orphan was destined for greatness and could one day wear the big graduation gown and hat I was wearing. I cannot thank SOS Children’s Villages enough for rescuing me when all hope was lost and everything had crumbled around us.


Despite being a graduate I still I want to further my studies. My dreams are still very big, I see myself in a very big office, I want to travel the world, I want to be my own boss and I want to take care of helpless children as well. I want to give other children the chance that SOS Children’s Villages gave me upon the death of my parents. I want to be an inspiration and give hope to the hopeless, for SOS Children’s Villages was my rainbow after my storm! Each time I introduce myself when motivating other young people, I say I am Philile Kunene, The Conqueror. Indeed, I have conquered and here I am basking in my rainbow!

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